Problem Statement

Mr Gabriel Hamid, Deluxwash was looking for a solution that shall enable him to track the number of services done by his workers a number of his carwash locations spread across Ohio, United States. He also wanted the system to help him track his employees, managers, washes while giving a reason to his customers to come back to him.

Krititech Contribution

Krititech helped him develop a native app implemented on Ipads and with a cloud based DB which can generate and scan QR codes from customer mobile devices. While the time consumed for each customer significantly reduced, most of the transactions were made online using Global One Payment Gateway and as the app had a loyality and point based model the customers could track in real time the discounts and offers they enjoyed while records and transactions became transparent for the management. Employees were happy as it became easy to track the number of vehicles they serviced and they got proper payments. System succesfully running since 2014