Problem Statement

The Global E-Commerce leader was looking for a complete revamp of their website with additions of a few new features which involved creating the marketplace: a global selling platform for the vendors to sell their products. The job involved managing the existing database with over a million records growing at a rate of 1200 records every minute. The system was in dire need of a data management system and a powerful search engine able to scrap from its 50,000 products with a keystroke. Also the service needed development of a Community Forum on Discourse.

Krititech Contribution

We used elastic-search which is a flatfile-based database and modified the administrative module to insert/update the mysql (old-database) with a reduced search response timing. The search time reduced by over 30% and the DB efficiency increased to handle three times more number of users. For the data analytics REDASH server was used which enabled creation of more than a 1000 analytic screens for the data presentation to the administrators as well as to the sellers. our team helped to intigrate Razorpay, Braintree, Stripe, Paypal-merchant, Authorize.net, Trailpay, Clickbank so that vendors as well as the customers have multiple options for payment as per their convenience.