Online submit of internal and external audit data to get the analysis report. This Software Audit Process which is capable of capturing different activities which take place throughout a Software Project lifecycle. The main purpose of this process is to audit the quality of the deliverables at the branch & hub site.



Easy Process Flow
  • Collect Banking data
  • Create audit
  • Assign auditor
  • Conduct of audit
  • Audit submit
  • Report generate

Banking Data Upload

Microfinance Data file documents provide all details of the microfinance data. This format follows sl no, Branch name, branch state, branch code, village name, village code, Village Formation Date, Center Name, Center Code, Centre Address, Center Formation Date, Meeting Day, Meeting Time, Centre Leader Name, Center Contact no, Employee Code, Employee Name, Source Employee Code, Source Employee Name, Group ID Etc. All details data uploaded in excel format.


Data Mapping

The admin can manually correct the data if it does not match. Data mapping is the process of matching fields from one database to another. It's the first step to facilitate data migration, data integration, and other data management tasks.


Create Audit

After uploading the excel format, the admin can create the audit.

Assign Auditor

Once the excel sheet with banking data has been uploaded; the admin can create an Audit and assign an auditor to it.

Conduct of Audit

Auditor Know what and when to audit hub/branch. Before conducting the internal audit, an auditor should prepare audit program to make work of audit effective and efficient.

Audit Submit

Once the auditor has audited the branch. Auditor asks the question to BM then submit the answer provided by the branch manager.

Report Generate

The report will be generated automatically in the backend afterthe auditor submits the data. Then it will be displayed in the backend report.


Tecnologies Used









  • Behind The Process

  • Calculation

  • Reports

Behind The Process

  • Question- Labor License is available at the branch. (editable)
  • Sub-sub qtn-*********(editable)
  • Question type- Text/Radio/Select/Date/Checkbox (Fixed)
  • Default Question Type- Direct/Descriptive (Fixed)
  • Sub Default Question Type- repeat/extract/derived (Fixed)
  • Mark-5 (editable) Is calculated- Yes/No (Fixed)
  • Risk level- Low/High/Moderate (Fixed)
  • Category- Branch (editable)
  • Sub category- Statutory compliance (editable)
  • Tag-Process name- Statutory compliance (editable)
  • Process risk- Name of process risk from type (editable)
  • Statement- Labour License is not available at the branch. (Editable)


It will consider individual elements like…. [Question, Sub-qtn, Process weightage, Risk level, Process risk, Category, Sub-category, Branch observation mark , Hub, Branch,


  • Process Report
  • Compliance Report
  • Senior DSR Report
  • Schedule Report
  • Auditor Report
  • AKMS Report
  • Asset Report
  • Risk Report.

Process Report

The process report made by 4 types such as Planning, Fieldwork, Reporting, Follow-up.


Compliance Report

Hub/Branch manager can complaint after auditor gives the mark and also about office.


Senior DSR Report


Schedule Report

When the auditor will visit the branch, the administrator can schedule a time before the audit begins.


AKMS Report


Risk Report

The auditor provides the mark as usual for the branch manager's answer. The branch was perfect for continuing or not. It is divided in 4 gradation A,B,C,D.


Our clients

Annapurna Finance Pvt. Ltd (AFPL) was established in 2009, and is now one of the top ten NBFCMFIs in the country. It has its roots as a part of not-for-profit entity, Peoples Forum, an NGO which worked for the development and welfare of unserved sections of the society. The microfinance activities started with the inception of Mission Annapurna under Peoples Forum from the year 2005. Mission Annapurna Finance was able to reach the interior unserved areas of Odisha through its untiring effort of addressing the economic necessities of poor women at their doorstep. As the program grew, there was an utter need to transform itself into a more streamlined entity. The gradual transformation of Mission Annapurna Finance brought forth the name Annapurna Finance Pvt Ltd (AMPL) in the year 2009. Thereafter, AMPL registered itself with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as an NBFC-MFI in the year 2013.Annapurna Finance was established with a purpose of serving the economically backward clients by bringing them to mainstream, providing need based financial services at their doorstep

Pradhan Associates Pvt. Ltd., (PAPL) is an Engineering Service Provider and engaged since the last 20years in Operation and Maintenance Contracts at various Aluminium Plants. Our core area of expertise in the O & M field is Fume Treatment Plants at Hindalco Hirakud, Hindalco Aditya, Balco, Mahan etc. We have started the Operation & Maintenance Contracts of Lime calcination Plant & Steel Maintenance Shop in steel sector at JSW Dovi. For details, please find attached herewith our brief company profile. In addition to the O & M contracts of scrubbing units, we also execute Operation and Maintenance Contracts at Utility (Pumps & Compressors) and Billet Casting Unit. We are an ISO certified service provider in Safety and System. We have successfully completed the Erection & commissioning of projects at various locations of Vedanta Jharsuguda, Hindalco Hirakud, Aditya Aluminium Lapanga.